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(c) Copyright Beat Compleat, we are Mick Bartram and Paul Hart

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"Love is Pain" VIDEO - By Beat Compleat - Length 2:49 - Created on 12\03\2012

ha ha, I love Aanalytics, Video Size = 75mb \ 240 seconds = 0.3125 mb\s


Hi, my name is Mick from the UK, we are a band called "Beat Compleat" a two piece band that formed in 2010, , we are Mick Bartram and Paul Hart, Most of our songs are made up of monophonic synth, broken chords, in the style of the 1979-83 UK synthpop movement,,,

Anyone remember "Don't Go" By YAZOO from 82 ? - CLASSIC !!, I would love to have been a fly on the wall when VINCE CLARKE made that !!, , he he, , we like using Awesome counter melody's and searing klaxon like sounds, there is a lot going on in our songs, , TELL US WHAT YOU THINK !!

When composing "Love is Pain" we did it in one day, i wrote the tune in 20 minutes on protracker, and thought of the first line lyric "Every time i look into, the reasons why i feel so blue" Paul went off on one and wrote the rest of the song, on the next day we did the video, i recorded the clips and edited the whole thing, , ,



Our song "Matted Cotton" is DARK, FREAKY and not very JOLLY, , ha ha ( "Matted Cotton" is a Metaphor ) it is about me being poisoned with an inorganic Bromide, the light sensitive Silver Bromide in 1995, google search "Silver Bromide Hazard Sheet" - It took me 15 years to recover, , Eeeek !!

Just re-mixed "Matted Cotton" in "Cubase LE AI Elements 7", , , it was a bit of a nightmare, cos when i exported the 8 tracks the levels were off, , , Our songs sound great played through my TECHNICS 200w 4 speaker Amp, , you should try it !!


"Matted Cotton" VIDEO - By Beat Compleat - Length 5:23 - Created on 24\05\2014


"Marie's The Name" by Paul - Elvis Beat Compleat Cover - Length 2:29 - Created on 12\07\2016



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