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Science & Technology

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micks-sci-tech-portal - Some of my favourite topics in science.

Hi, my name is Mick Bartram from ENGLAND UK and my website is 18 months old, it includes some of my favourite topics in science. would you please consider support\sponsership and help me with a patreon donation, even if it is for just $1 as a one off payment, or you can donate monthly, this will go towards the upkeep of the site, allowing me to continue long term, The best way to make a one-time payment is to sign up and then cancel the membership after you've been charged., , i am also in a two piece band called "Beat Compleat" that formed in 2010, and we write original songs, we are Mick Bartram and Paul Hart, , , our song "Love is Pain" is my intro video


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Making Holographic Recording Material Displacement of Silver Bromide in Gelatin Films on Glass - Resurrected
Telomeres and Telomerase What are they? - Theory and discussion - Living Forever
The KT Impact Crater Of Death - IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND !!
Geothermal Energy Existing powerplants from around the world \ theory and dicussion
Tio2 DSSC Detailed report on theory/preparation/tests + where to get components.
Honda P3 The amazing Honda P3 Bi-pedal Robot.
Holography I have Resurrected this site.
Psilocybin From Yeast GM Yeast solves the problem
SS Central America The Ship Of Gold - History and Recovery Mission - Aftermath
The Anderson Institute The Ultimate Time Travel Science - Click "Time Control Technologies"
The DPSS Laser How The DPSSL Works
The Penny Black And it's successor, the one Penny Red
MP3 Audio History - How It Works - Napster


EINSTEIN.BAS - Time Dilation BAS file - 1.97KB download

QBASIC 64 - This is not the MS-DOS version, it works in windows - 41 mb download

The History of MP3 - How it all started

Psilocybin From Yeast - GM Yeast solves the problem

SS Central America - The Ship Of Gold

The Penny Black - and Its Immediate Successors

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Music by "Beat Compleat" - Also On YOUTUBE Here

(c) Copyright Beat Compleat, we are Mick Bartram and Paul Hart

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Just centered my MP3 video "MP3 History Video - An App Called Napster - System Shock Ep 1", it was on the far left - (ha, like my politics), and it looked odd, , play the video peeps , i'ts really good !!

I believe the Music Industry has been ripping (excuse the pun) us off for so many years, so NAPSTER and P2P, is pay back time !!, ,

The History of MP3 - How it all started



Mick's "Smelly Fart Skunk Spray"











Got some cool code to embed our "Beat Compleat" Youtube video's, , play them within my webpage !!



A computer is like the mind, it has IN-finite AP-plications. . .


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